How it Works

So I Signed Up? What’s Next?

Share with Friends

The absolute best and very first thing you can do RIGHT THIS MOMENT is share Gruupz with other people using your very own, specialized referral link:

This magical link gives you credit for your hard work when someone else clicks on it and then signs up with Gruupz. Then you get paid when they shop – pretty awesome, right? It’s OK, you can do it now…like, right now. We’ll wait.

Right- So How and When Do I Get Paid?

Getting paid is super easy. It goes like this…

You shop on Amazon and refer your friends, increasing your Gruupz balance.

When your balance reaches at least $5, we’ll issue you an Amazon gift card.

Every month your balance is at least $5, we’ll issue new Amazon gift cards (up to $300).

That’s it!

Tips for Sharing

How it Works: Upon signing up, you will be given a specialized referral link. This magical link gives you credit for your hard work when someone else clicks on it and then signs up with Gruupz. Then you get paid when they shop – pretty awesome, right?


Pro Tip One: Sticking your referral link on Facebook (or your social media of choice) and saying “Hey, everybody, I just joined something awesome, check it out!” may not be the best way to go, though it certainly is the easiest. If you really want to hook some fish, say something like, “Hey friends, I just joined a site where you and I get paid when we shop on Amazon. Message me for details.” Then, when they come to you, you can share your magical link with them.

Doing this gives you better quality referrals, and you can follow up with people after they ask about it. In our experience, it’s roughly twice as effective as drive-by link dumping. Give it a try and see what you think. Once you land your key referrals, then you can share it more openly to pick any other low-hanging fruit. And, of course, you can always reach out directly to people who you know love shopping on Amazon!

Pro tip 2: Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, use complicated algorithms to decide what to show users. Your posts are more likely to show up in other peoples’ feeds if you

a) include an image

b) tag other people. Go get ’em, tiger!

OK- How does this shopping thing work then?

Honestly, this is our favorite part. And it’s easy. We provide you with a clean, simple search experience that ties in directly with Amazon’s product search engine. You can do it one of two ways

First, you can install the Gruupz Shopping Companion browser extension for Chrome. Then just log in and shop on Amazon like normal. That’s it!

Second, you can use our native shopping app. It looks like this.

Notice you can see things here like Prime shipping, and Amazon reviews. It helps a lot when deciding what to buy.

If you want more details, you can click on any of the products for more pictures, similar products, etc.

You can view and modify your cart any time you want as well.

Once you’re all done shopping, just hit the “Checkout” button, and we’ll pass everything straight over to Amazon.

That’s it! From there, everything happens like normal. Amazon ships your stuff and bills you directly using their super secure systems. And, of course, you get what you ordered just like you would expect from shopping directly on Amazon.

But, What if I Want to Return Something?

Have no fear! Gruupz is just a search tool and social platform. Your actual purchase transaction happens with Amazon. That means you get all of the benefits of shopping with Amazon, including the best customer service in the world.

Amazon is literally ranked number 1 for customer satisfaction. If you have any issues with your order, you work directly with Amazon Customer Service to work things out.

And it doesn’t get any better than that.

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